Saying Yes


Let’s not beat around the bush. There won’t be a recipe today. That just hasn’t happened in a bit, and we’ll have a heart to heart about that soon. I promise. There are a few things we’ll chat about, actually. But for now, I missed you all and this space and checking in. So let’s just start there. Let’s start with saying yes. Saying yes to spring (sun: finally!), new coffee tables you stumble upon and decide you must own, walking instead of driving, cherry blossoms, warm honey oatmeal muffins, and little leaps of faith. Or big ones.

dog in window

So instead of cooking or baking for you today, I’ll leave you with a few links. Folks that say yes. Folks that leap. That don’t obsess too much over the possibility of a stumble or a stagger or a blunder. But instead, work to create — to fashion– their accumulation of hours and days to align with what excites them, moves them, makes them smile, makes their heart beat. And also, a few things that are just nice to look at and listen to.

coffee shop

So then. See you back here soon…Yes?

+ This video is all about yes, and it’s utterly beautiful. Thanks to Brian Ferry for introducing me: in-a-different-time
+ The “Sunday Window” series from writer, Leela Cyd. Each Sunday, Leela and her friend Tricia compare what’s on their tables, in their cups, the day’s color, sound and mantra. They’re a treat.
+ Meredith Winn’s photography.
+ Pretty, spare things from Simple Song. Scarves, glasses, envelopes, cookies.
+ A solid chair. Important. Yes.
+ Old-fashioned rolling pins awaiting their big day.
+ Food photography exhibit from the last 80 years at the Robert Mann Gallery. Yes (if only I lived in New York).
+ Love. New Homes. Chattanooga.
+ Always say yes to ice cream. Especially if it’s Salted Caramel from Sara at Sprouted Kitchen.
+ And yes to music that you listen to on repeat. Over and over and over again.


  1. kickpleat

    Thanks for checking in and I'm all for saying yes - hearts, minds, doors opening. Yes.

  2. Elissa

    New coffee table?! I'm on the hunt now & can't seem to find a good one. Where did you find yours? It's a major success to find one you love!

    1. megang

      Elissa-I found one at a funky used furniture shop...sitting outside waiting for a new owner.

  3. Katie

    Uplifing post. Yes to that! Love the photo of the dog in the window!

  4. Cory

    glad you are back! love that pic of the pooch in the window. too cute.

  5. Janet

    Lovely post per usual, my friend. I like the way you think. And I like you. And I'm so glad you like my new fave band!

  6. Shannalee

    Man, I love it here. It's always so nice to hear your voice, whenever you're able to share it. And thank you for linking to me, you sweet girl. Here's to YES, indeed.

  7. Mary

    I have to admit, I nearly clicked away when I saw this post. Whenever you put a list of things you like, it ends up costing me: magazines, books, letterpress, Heath... You have awesome taste, Megan. Of course, the post was beautifully written too. And we both love Brian Ferry.

  8. Abby

    Yes is such a great word. And I love the photos you included here (especially the typewriter and the dishes).

  9. Dana

    How mysterious. Whatever this is, I say yes.

  10. Alice

    Hi Megan - what an enticing and optimistic post!
    I hope life is wonderful for you right now. Say hi to your family from me.

    1. megang

      Thanks so much, Alice. Life hasn't been better in a really long time. I will say hi to everyone for you. Hope you and the family are well, my friend.

  11. El

    Thanks for the links. Hope all is well and look forward to your next post.

  12. Anne Zimmerman

    Did you see the article about typewriters in the Times Thursday Style section? Definitely worth a read. Hope you are having a great time out there...

  13. Danielle

    My heart skipped a beat ;) Love the typewriter and always in awe of your aesthetic and sense of taste. Can't wait to see the new coffee table!

  14. Kasey

    Yes is the best. Can't wait to see you!! This Sunday?? I'd love to stop by the market in the a.m. Let me know, xoxo

  15. sara

    do you know i always think of you when i eat ice cream? i know how you love it. An internet friend that I haven't met, and you cross my mind with such frequency (yes, I eat a lot of ice cream). Hope things are well - anxious to hear whats new.

    1. megang

      Aw, Sara! That makes me so happy. And I think about that salted caramel ice cream you just wrote about.... it will be in my near future. And news soon, yes!

  16. Kimberley

    Yay! Such timing, this list. I think I'm going to become your biggest fan. :)

  17. Anne

    I just heard Tina Fey say that when she was learning to do Improv at Second City that the fun comes after the yes; so yes to yes!

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